RE (Religious Education)

R.E. in this school develops pupils’ knowledge, understanding and awareness of Christianity, and other religions represented in our country. We want our children to learn about religion, and from it, respecting others’ beliefs and practice. We see R.E. teaching as an important aspect of school life where children put into practice the spiritual and moral values they have been introduced to. R.E. teaching follows the Barnsley locally agreed syllabus.

The teaching of RE is divided into 6 Key Questions:

1. Why are these words special?
2. Why are some places special?
3. How can faith contribute to community cohesion?
4. Why are some times special?
5. What can be learned from the lives of significant people of faith?
6. How do I and others feel about life and the universe around us?

Units of work are planned around these key questions, encouraging children to develop their thinking skills.

All classes learn about different aspects of Christianity throughout their time in school. They also learn about another religion:

Class 1: Hinduism (Divali)
Class 2: Islam, plus additional work on Divali.
Class 3: Judaism
Class 4: Hinduism (Holi, Hindu weddings)
Class 5: Buddhism