The Governors at Cawthorne School are a group of unpaid volunteers.  They are like a board of directors who make decisions about how this school should be organised.  They meet at least once a term as a full governing body but also meet as part of committees – Finance, Strategy or Personnel.  Together they represent this school, the local community and the church.  Governors are appointed or elected to help decide what is taught, set standards of behaviour, interview/select staff and decide how our school budget is spent.  The focus of their work is to ensure that Cawthorne School raises standards of achievement and attainment as well as delivering high quality learning opportunities to all our children. They act as a “critical friend” supporting and promoting the interests of this school, the law, the parents and most importantly our children.

Parent representatives are elected through a parental ballot when a vacancy becomes available.  All parents who have children in Cawthorne school at that time are eligible to vote and/or stand as a candidate.  These ballots are organised by school.

All school governors serve a four year term of office.

Who are the Governors at Cawthorne School?

Chair of the Governing Body:Mr A V Kent
Parent Governors: Mr G Booth
 Ms A Evans
 Mrs R Gallagher
 Mrs J Ulcena
 Mr R Ullyott
 Diocesan Governors:Rev Jean
 Mr J Walker 
 Mr F Matthewman
 LEA Governors:Mr A V Kent
 Mrs C Sowerby
 Staff Governors:Mrs K Hudson
 Mrs G Buckingham
 Community Governors:Mr D Mott
 Mr R Nicholson

Miss Pursley is also part of the Governing Body.