School Council Members 2014-2015







Playtime Equipment


Our School Council take responsibility for changing and rotating the equipment in the playtime boxes.  They are also responsible for managing and ordering new equipment.







At Cawthorne Primary School we elect members of our council by holding an election in the SummerTerm each year. Each candidate has to prepare a presentation which has to be read out to the whole school to enable them to make an informed decision as to who will represent them.



The children shown below were elected to represent their year group or their team for 2014-2015. Well Done!


Year Members

Year 2 - Emily Forbes

Year 3 - Esther Hirst

Year 4 - Eve Northern 


Blue Team

          Captain - Charlie Bradbury   

 Vice Captain - Millie Barker


               Red Team                 

 Captain - William Khuu

  Vice Captain - Alex Herrera


Yellow Team

Captain - Isabelle Haller East

 Vice Captain - Verity Starling


Green Team

Captain - Rebecca White

Vice Captain - George Portman




Cawthorne Primary School Council 2014-2015





  • To give pupils the opportunity to be involved in improving school life for everyone.
  • For pupils to work as partners with staff, developing a caring school community.
  • To provide all pupils with opportunities to develop skills that will be important throughout their lives.
  • To involve pupils in solving problems and resolving conflicts.
  • To be positive role models within school eg. Not losing Golden Time.


The School Council


  • The School Council will be made up of 11 children.

From Year 5 and 6 there will be 8 children to represent each team colour.  Year 2, 3 and 4 will also have one Year Group Representative on the School Council.

  • Each class will vote for a team representative.  In addition Years 2, 3 and 4 will vote for one Year Group Representative.
  • The School Council will attend regular meetings.
  • The School Council members will serve for the school year.  Elections to take place in July for the  following year.
  • The School Council will consist of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary.
  • The  Secretary will take minutes of the School Council meetings.  The members of the School Council will record  the minutes in the School Council Portfolio for all classes to see.  There will also be regular updates on  the school noticeboard and website .  This will ensure that everyone knows about the activities of the School Council.      


Responsibilities of the School Council


  • The  School Council members are responsible for managing the activities of the Council; for instance, planning meetings, talking with the link teacher, Mrs Kukula and Head Teacher, Miss Pursley.
  • The Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson are responsible for running meetings, giving everyone an equal chance to have their say, and making sure the Council comes up with practical solutions to problems.
  • Any elected member of the School Council must have exemplary behaviour – any member committing a serious infringement of the School Behaviour Policy  will forfeit their place on the council.
  • During Election Week candidates must hand in a written manifesto and also deliver this to the whole school.  There must be no canvassing for votes during this week - such as giving out biscuits or sweets etc…