Class 5 had a fantastic time at Robinwood!

Here are some photos of Spring Team!

Here are some photos of waterfall Group:

And finally the Dream Team! (as they were known)

Bikeability and Gardening

Click the goat to see the Y5,Y6 Spellings.  

Topics for the Summer Term 2014

ICT - Y6 Yearbook, We are Publishers

English - Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation, Comprehension Studies, Reading Skills, Writing Stories

Maths - Calculations and Securing Number Facts, Handling Data and Measures, Understanding Shape, Relationships between Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, Using and Applying, Problem Solving in all aspects of Maths.

Science - Life Processes - MRS NERG

Topic  - Earthquakes and Volcanoes, The World Cup - Brazil 2014

PE - Cricket and Athletics

French - Time

PSHE - Road Safety, Bikeability, Robinwood Residential

ART/DT - Drawing Skills, Structures, Textiles

Music - Music Technology and Composition

End of year Assessments in English, Maths and Science.


Please make sure you have:

a pen, pencil and a ruler (cm and mm)

gel and/or colouring pencils

a highlighter

an A4 folder for your homework

PE requirements:

indoor and outdoor PE kit

suitable footwear

(It is very important that you get changed for PE and then have your clean school uniform to change into for the rest of your lessons.)