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Welcome to Class One!

Foundation Stage 2 (Reception) and Year 1

Class Teacher: Mrs G. Bottomley

Teaching assistant: Mrs E. Bradbury



To be used in the event of class closure.

Welcome back after half term everyone! This half term our overall theme / topic will be 'SPACE'. This week's English work focuses on information reading and writing about space and our Maths focus is Shape.

Please find the outline of the week here: HOME LEARNING PLAN 22.2.21..doc.pdf

Resources needed for each day can be found below. Please see Class Dojo for Monday's video introducing our topic.

MONDAY - Phonics: Set 1 Phonics Monday.pptx

Set 2 Phonics Monday.pptx     

Set 3 Phonics Monday.pptx

English: Passport-templates.pdf     


Maths: Naming 2D Shapes PowerPoint.ppt

Naming 3D Shapes PowerPoint.ppt

TUESDAY - English: Astronauts PowerPoint.pptx

Maths: Lesson video

On today’s worksheet, please also add the number of corners for each shape as well as the number of sides and please ignore the quadrilateral (4 sided shape) as the children don’t need to learn that one yet! 2D shape describing properties.pdf 

WEDNESDAY - Phonics: Set 1 Phonics Wednesday.pptx     

Set 2 Phonics Wednesday.pptx     

Set 3 Phonics Wednesday.pptx

English: What-would-I-take-to-space-writing-frame.pdf

Maths: Lesson video - 

3D shape describing properties.pdf

THURSDAY - Maths: 3D Shape Bingo Boards.pdf     

3D-Shape Bingo-Word-Cards.pdf

Y1 Science - Rain gauge instructions.pdf


English: Set 1 Phonics Reading Comprehension Activity.pdf     

Set 2 Phonics Reading Comprehension Activity.pdf     

Set 3 Reading Comprehension Activity.pdf


For this final week of home learning, there is no P.E. competition but there are some Real PE activities for you try at home. Have a super week everyone. Thank you so much for your participation and effort with P.E. during this period of home learning.


This week we continue with our Space theme with a particular emphasis on ALIENS!

Please see the outline of this week's blended learning here: 


Resources that will be needed and links to websites can be found below:

MONDAY - Set 1 and 2 Phonics game (choose any Phase 2 sounds): 

Set 3 Phonics game: 

English: Letter from an alien.doc

Y1 Maths Worksheet-Measure-length.pdf

Topic: 3D shape net aliens.pdf

TUESDAY - Y1 Maths Worksheet-Measure mass.pdf

Topic: Play dough recipe.pdf

WEDNESDAY - Phonics: 

Y1 Maths Worksheet-Measure capacity.pdf

Topic: Alien hand and foot prints.pdf

THURSDAY - no resources needed.

FRIDAY - Phonics: 

Y1 Maths Worksheet-Weight-and-mass-problems.pdf

New starters to school:

Welcome to Cawthorne CE (VC) Primary School.

New Starters Introduction to School PowerPoint.pptx

We look forward to welcoming you into our Foundation Stage (Reception).

You can use this PowerPoint presentation to talk to your child about what to expect when they start in Class 1 and see what the classroom will look like:

New starter welcome info PowerPoint.pptx

New starter video tour.mp4

Hello Year 1s,

I am looking forward to seeing you all back at school in September and I am so pleased that I will have you all in Class 1 to help the new children settle in!

Now that you are in Year 1, and with the current Coronavirus situation, we would like you to bring your own stationary to use at school from September. This will be kept in your drawer in the classroom. Please only bring the items on the list below:

2 HB writing pencils,

Set of colouring pencils,

Pencil sharpener,

Small (15cm) ruler,

Children's scissors,

Glue stick,

Plastic, wipeable, zipped pencil case (preferably see-through) to store these items in.

As well as these stationary items, you will need to continue to bring these things to school, as usual:

A book bag,

Black pumps for indoor use,

A small drawstring bag (no large rucksacks) containing black or navy shorts, white t-shirt and trainers for PE.

Foundation Stage Curriculum

Click the ship to see the Foundation Stage Areas of Development:

 Click the pirate ship see the Early Learning Goals that the Foundation Stage children are working towards:

Things to remember in Class 1:

Monday - 

Tuesday - PE kits. Reading book changing. Year 1 spelling test.

Wednesday - 

Thursday - Library book changing.

Friday - PE kits. Reading book changing. Year 1 homework set.


Please remember to write in your child's reading record book.

Please name all items of your child's school uniform and PE kit, as well as

water bottles, bags, coats, pumps and shoes.


ARCHIVE - HOME LEARNING - Summer term 2020

Home Learning 20.4.20 - Tiddler.pdf

Click the link above and choose activities to do each day. Try to do some activities from each subject area every week. You will need to read / listen to the story 'Tiddler' first as many of the activities are based around it (link to an online version of the story on the plan).

Watch the Phonics lessons online daily (see Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc. Phonics on YouTube).

Don't forget to upload your work onto Tapestry (Foundation Stage) or Class Dojo Portfolio (Year 1s). You can include photos and comments on how you worked things out or how much help you needed with your work.

Year 1 Science: Every Day Materials.

Click the following link and complete to identify and name different materials. Reminder – you are naming the material that an object is made from! Scientific vocabulary to use: wood, plastic, glass, metal, water, rock, paper. Labelling Materials Activity Sheet.doc

Remember to record the weather every day until the end of April!

This week's home learning is based around animal life cycles and minibeasts.

Home Learning Week 2 - Life cycles and minibeasts.doc


Year 1 Science work: Materials and objects.docx

Year 1 help with instructions - remember to include these features in your writing: Instructions-checklist.pdf

Foundation Stage PE ideas: PE-Parent-EYFS-Pack.pdf

Year 1 PE ideas: PE-Parent-KS1-Pack.pdf

Remember to upload photos of your work and comments to Tapestry (Foundation Stage only) or Class Dojo Portfolio (Year 1s). We look forward to seeing what you are learning!

This week our focus on minibeasts continues and for later in the week there are tasks based around VE day (which takes place this Friday).

Just to clarify, where it mentions Foundation Stage or EYFS, this work is for children who started school this year. Where it mentions Y1s, this work is aimed at children in our class who are in their second year at school (this is called Year 1). Many of the tasks are suitable for all children in the class.

Weekly plan of activities: Home Learning 4.5.20 - Minibeasts and VE day.pdf

Links to learning tasks are below:

EYFS Reading: Minibeasts-simple-sentence-cards.pdf        Y1 Reading: 1. Minibeast-information-cards.pdf          2. VE Day Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity.pdf

Writing example: Minibeasts-fact-file-sheets.pdf

Minibeast links: Minibeasts-what-am-i-interactive-powerpoint.pptx           Minibeast-hunt-checklist.pdf

VE day links: Simple-WW2-Spitfire-Glider-Activity-Paper-Craft.pdf           Union-jack-template-display-bunting.pdf             VE-Day-Powerpoint.ppt         

Union-Jack-Colouring-Sheet.pdf            Wartime Recipes.pdf

Y1 Science: Materials - Properties.docx           Key words for properties.docx

Y1 Maths lessons: Y1 Week 4 Day 1.pdf             Y1 Week 4 Day 2.pdf             Y1 Week 4 Day 3.pdf

Continue your learning using the following websites for help or go back over the previous week's learning tasks and complete anything that you didn't get time to do. You can also check your home learning packs for lots of practical and play based learning activities.

Daily Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons (these are repeats so although they change daily they won't have the accurate date on the videos):

Free online reading books:

EYFS Maths:

Year 1 Maths:

Maths games:

Further learning / online lessons available at:

Printable worksheets, home learning and PowerPoint presentations on all subjects:

Year 1 children - please follow the learning plan on the Class 2 page from now on as this will link better with what you are now learning at school.

Reception / Foundation Stage children - This plan shows the ideas for children's home learning based around the same topic that we will be working on when the children return to school - Journeys and Transport.

The learning and activities during their week in school will be different to those on the home learning plan.

For children returning to school from Tuesday 2nd June, this plan is for home learning week commencing 8th June.

For those returning to school from 8th June, this plan is for home learning week commencing 1st June.

Home Learning Plan - The Naughty Bus.pdf

Please bear in mind that I will now be back in school teaching full time and will not be able to respond to posts and questions as quickly as I have been able to over the past weeks. Thank you.

Here is the home learning plan for the next 2 weeks, so whichever week you are not in school you can work on these activities. We are continuing our Journeys and Transport theme and this week all of our learning is based around trains and the story 'The Train Ride'.

Home Learning Plan - The Train Ride.pdf

Please continue to post your learning on Tapestry for me to see.

As always, please use Class Dojo to ask any questions that you may have or to ask for help or advice about further learning.

Year 1 children can also follow this if you wish, although there is specific Year 1 work for you and you will find the links to this on the Class 2 page.

Here is the home learning plan for the next 2 weeks, so whichever week you are not in school you can work on these activities. Our theme for these weeks is 'Journey to the seaside'.

Home Learning Plan - The Seaside.pdf



These are a couple of extra challenges related to our theme that you may want to do:

Extra Maths Challenge - Seaside Crack the Code Addition to 10.pdf

Extra Reading Challenge - Seaside-simple-sentences.pdf

Please continue to post your learning on Tapestry for me to see.

As always, please use Class Dojo to ask any questions that you may have or to ask for help or advice about further learning.

Year 1 children can follow this if you wish, although there is specific Year 1 work for you and you will find the links to this on the Class 2 page. Please also continue to post your work on Class Dojo Portfolio on the Class 1 page.

This week there is no online plan to follow. Children who have been in school have brought a summer themed activity pack home which they can work on and continue into the summer holidays if they wish. They have completed transition activities and discussions in school about the changes and expectations for moving into Year 1 in September, whether that is in Class 1 or Class 2.

Children at home can download the summer learning pack and transition activities below:





This will be the last week of home learning via our website as next week is the start of our summer holiday and all children are to return to school in September. Thank you to everyone who has engaged with the home learning!

Remember you cannot upload anything to Tapestry this week as the journals have now been exported ready for you to download. You can still contact me via Class Dojo if you need anything.

Have a lovely summer holiday, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all back in school in September!




Bubble 1 Sports Day

Bubble 1 Sports Day 2020

Bubble 2 Sports Day

Bubble 2 Sports Day 2020