Cawthorne Church Of England (VC) Primary School

Welcome to Class 2!   

Welcome to Class 2 (Year 1 and Year 2)!

We are really looking forward to welcoming you into our class in Class 2. We have lots of fun and exciting learning opportunities planned for the children next year. We are looking forward to helping you through the next steps on your school journey! Do ask or Dojo message me (Miss Smith) if you have any questions.

Miss Smith and the Class 2 team

My name is Miss Smith.

I enjoy creative tasks like sewing and painting. My favourite hobby is reading. I read books A LOT! I love to find out interesting facts about the world around us especially when it involves animals. I have a cat and a dog who are lots of fun and cause a lot of mischief in my house. My favourite colour is green because it reminds me of plants and gardening which is a new hobby of mine. I'm really looking forward to meeting the new children and welcoming back some of our Year 2 children for a new year of learning! :)

Here is our amazing teaching assistant Mrs Clarke who you'll be seeing lots of this year in our classroom :)

Here are some important dates you will need to know for September:

Monday - 

Tuesday - Homework Books Returned.

Wednesday - P.E day, Spelling test days and Class 2 reading book changing.

Thursday -  P.E day, Library Book Changing and Homework Books given out.

Friday - 

In Class 2, we will be learning about…

Year A - 2023/2024

Topic 1 - How do our favourite toys and games compare with those of children in the 1960s?

Topic 2 - What is the geography like where I live?

Topic 3 - Why is the history of my local area significant?

Topic 4 – How does the geography of Kampong Ayer compare with the geography of where I live?

Year B - 2024/2025

Topic 1 - Why don't Penguins fly?

Topic 2 - What happened during the Great Fire of London?

Topic 3 - Who is the greatest history maker?

Topic 4 - How does the weather affect our lives?

Specific year group teaching:

Year 1 – Science – Miss Smith

Year 2 – Science – Mrs. Harding

Year 1 – Reading Comprehension – Miss Smith

Year 2 – Reading Comprehension – Mrs. Harding