Cawthorne Church Of England (VC) Primary School

SIAMS Information

Cawthorne SIAMS Inspection Report


All Church of England dioceses and the Methodist Church use the Church of England Education Office's framework for the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) under Section 48 of the Education Act 2005.

SIAMS inspection focuses on the impact of our Church school's Christian vision on our pupils and adults. This involves looking at our Christian vision; the provision that we make because of our vision and how effective this provision is in enabling all of our pupils to flourish. 


SIAMS inspectors do not look for a set template of what a Church school should be like, but rather take the particular context of our school into account and base their evaluation on our outcomes rather than the process.


SIAMS inspectors will explore how we understand the specific context of Cawthorne and how we respond to this theologically answering three key questions:

1. Who are we as a school?

2. What are we doing here?

3. How, then, shall we live and learn together?


This is explored and evidenced through seven inspection questions:

IQ1 How does the school’s theologically rooted Christian vision enable pupils and adults to flourish?

IQ2 How does the curriculum reflect the school’s theologically rooted Christian vision?

IQ3 How is collective worship enabling pupils and adults to flourish spiritually?

IQ4 How does the school’s theologically rooted Christian vision create a culture in which pupils and adults are treated well?

IQ5 How does the school’s theologically rooted Christian vision create an active culture of justice and responsibility?

IQ6 Is the religious education curriculum effective (with reference to the expectations set out in the Church of England’s Statement of Entitlement for Religious Education)?

IQ7 What is the quality of religious education in voluntary aided and former voluntary aided schools, and in former voluntary controlled schools in which denominational religious
education is taught?