Cawthorne Church Of England (VC) Primary School

Geography At Cawthorne

This is what the children will be covering in each year group

Foundation/Year 1

Investigating their surroundings

Using information books/pictures as sources of information.

Making observations about where things are e.g. within school or local area

Following directions ( up, down, left, right, forwards, backwards )

Year 2

Making simple comparisons between features of different places.

Being able to use appropriate geographical vocabulary.

Expressing their own views.

Follow directions NSEW

Year 3

Being able to ask/initiate geographical questions.

Analysing evidence and beginning to draw conclusions e.g 

making comparisons between two locations using photos/pictures, looking at temperatures in different locations.

Using letter/ number coordinates to locate features on a map.

Year 4

Extending to satellite images, aerial photographs

Investigating places and themes at more than one scale.

Producing labelled field sketches.

Using 4 compass points well; beginning to use 8 compass points.

Year 5

Beginning to use primary and secondary sources for evidence in their investigations.

Collecting and recording evidence unaided.

Analysing evidence and drawing conclusions, e.g. comparing historical maps of varying scales e.g.

temperature of various locations- influence on people/ everyday life.

Using 8 compass points

Beginning to use 4 figure coordinates to locate features on a map.

Year 6

Using OS maps

Confidently using an atlas

Recognising world map as a flattened globe.

Beginning to use 6 figure grid refs, use latitude and longitude on atlas maps.