Cawthorne Church Of England (VC) Primary School

PSHE At Cawthorne

Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic education


At Cawthorne Primary school, it is our intent for all pupils to have the knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe and healthy.  To have an understanding of healthy relationships and to be able to manage their own feelings and have strategies to cope in different situations.  For all children to have an appreciation of their place in the wider world, to celebrate diversity and show respect for others. The overarching concepts developed through PSHCE education include; identity, relationships, healthy lifestyles, risk, safety,  diversity, equality, rights, responsibilities, consent, change, resilience, power and careers.



As a school, our drivers of physical and mental health, citizenship and culture and diversity underpin our curriculum.  Our values and ethos promote PSHE education throughout the school.  All children have a PSHE lesson every week. This includes Circle Time activities giving children an opportunity to explore issues, share their views, listen to, and respect the views of others.  Lessons have a clear learning outcome, explicit teaching of knowledge and skills and opportunities to develop and apply learning. Learning is sequenced to enable children to build on their knowledge and make links with their learning. We use the 1Decision scheme to underpin our lesson planning as well as resources from the NSPCC and Seal.  PSHCE education is consolidated through assemblies, visitors into school, community action and volunteering opportunities.  PSHCE education includes British values and teaching incorporates current affairs.



All children to feel confident in themselves and to know how to keep themselves safe and healthy.  All children to be able to express their views and respect the views of others.  To have an understanding of their place in the world and a sense of social responsibility.