Cawthorne Church Of England (VC) Primary School

Since 1872, the school has stood at the centre of the village, working in conjunction with the Church to serve the local community and educate generations of families and children.  Our Christian Values are at the heart of everything we do in order to promote life in all its fullness and deliver a holistic education. This allows each unique child to develop into the best possible version of themselves. By acquiring the key knowledge and skills to foster academic excellence, coupled with the essential wisdom and character development to promote individual excellence; our children become happy, healthy, confident, responsible individuals who flourish in all aspects of their lives.

We have embraced the Bible story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10v25-37) to illustrate our Christian Vision and Values in action. Through the expansive opportunities offered, we strive for everyone in our school to ‘love our neighbour as we love ourselves.By living out our values in our daily lives, becoming responsible citizens and demonstrating self-love, positive mental health and wellbeing, it allows us to foster and nurture personal growth. Our school emblem is taken from the screen at the front of the choir stalls in Cawthorne All Saints’ Church and depicts a ladder. This combines with our school motto ‘With you every step of the way’ as a gentle reminder that Good Samaritans are all around. We challenge our children to question: ‘Who is with you every step of the way?’

Prayer Of The Day