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Digital Safeguarding At Cawthorne

At Cawthorne, we understand that computer technology is an essential resource for supporting teaching and learning. The internet, and other digital and information technologies, open up opportunities for our children and play an important role in their everyday lives.

We recognise that today’s children are growing up in an increasingly complex world, living their lives
seamlessly on and offline. This presents many positive and exciting opportunities, but also challenges and risks. Our Digital Safeguarding policy and day-to-day e-safety procedures have due regard to the most recent DFE non-statutory guidance entitled ‘Teaching online safety in school’ (June 2019). This helps to teach our pupils how to stay safe online, within both new and existing school subjects (including Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education, Health Education, Citizenship and Computing). We teach pupils about the underpinning knowledge and behaviours that can help them to navigate the online world safely and confidently regardless of the device, platform or app. 

 We are committed to providing a safe learning and teaching environment for all children and staff, and have implemented important controls, filtering and monitoring to prevent any harmful risks. We aim to ensure appropriate and safe use of the internet and other digital technology devices by all the children, staff and adults in our school pertaining to the 4Cs as outlined in KCSIE 2023:


Content is anything posted online - it might be words or it could be images and video. Children and young people may see illegal, inappropriate or harmful content when online which could include: indecent images, fake news, racism, misogyny, self-harm, radicalisation and extremism.


Contact is about the risk of harm young people may face when interacting with other users online. This includes things like peer-to-peer pressure, seeing inappropriate commercial advertising and the threat of grooming.


Conduct means the way people behave online. Some online behaviour can increase the likelihood, or even cause, harm - for example, online bullying and distributing indecent images.


Commerce is about the risk from things like online gambling, inappropriate advertising, phishing or financial scams. 

For any information regarding digital safety issues, parental controls and self help guides, please click the link to Internet Matters above.

Digital Safeguarding Information From Natalie Garrett, Cyber Prevent/Protect Officer, South Yorkshire Police

Thanks again for having me at Cawthorne Primary for the Online Safety session and a huge thanks for attending the session – it’s a really important area for us to be thinking about in the present climate and keeping our children as safe as possible when online. Please find some of the resources/information which I talked about as part of the session which you may wish to look into further in your own time:


Cyber Sprinters is the game which I referred to that you may wish to use at home/in school. Here is the link:


For some really useful content guides/ videos about anything and everything on the internet please take a look at the Internet Matters website –

Great for information around all social media platforms, online gaming and cyber bullying as well as hints and tips for parents/carers on how to talk to their children about online safety.


To report any incidents of Cyber-crime and Fraud visit the Action Fraud website -


I also mentioned that you can report any suspicious looking emails (phishing emails) and the email to forward these onto is and for text messages forward these onto the number 7726.

Both of the above are completely free to do so – for further information on this see


Finally, if you do have a Twitter account and wish to follow our dedicated SYP Fraud & Cyber Crime Feed for the latest advice, new stories and details of events around South Yorkshire our twitter handle is @SYPFraud.


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