Cawthorne Church Of England (VC) Primary School

Pupil Leadership At Cawthorne

‘Let your light shine before others so that they may see your good deeds, and glorify your Father in heaven.’ Matthew 5:16

The term pupil leadership refers to education principles and practices that reflect the importance of providing children with the opportunities and support to play a role in making the decisions that affect them. This enhances their personal development, develops their knowledge, understanding and application of Fundamental British Values and allows our children to foster a sense of belonging, responsibility and service.


The principles of effective pupil leadership include:

  • Recognising that pupils have logical perspectives and opinions on issues that matter in the classroom, in the school, and in the community
  • Giving pupils an active role in influencing decisions about these issues as well as in the implementation of these decisions
  • Enabling pupils to participate as active young citizens in the school, local, regional, national and global communities


There is much evidence to suggest that when pupils engage with pupil leadership programmes that have a positive impact, their capacity for learning increases. With this in mind, ALL Cawthorne children are given an opportunity to play an active role in the life of the school and contribute to many areas of our effective school community.


Children undertake roles and responsibilities: within the classroom and have opportunities to be: 

hall monitors; computer monitors; lost property monitors; lunchtime monitors; playground leaders; milk monitors; playtime equipment monitors; playtime door monitors; librarians; team captains; vice captains; buddies; collective worship leaders; wellbeing ambassadors; reading buddies and members of school council .

Pupil Leadership is vitally important in helping our children to develop into well rounded individuals who are prepared for the next stage of their education and the world of work. Ultimately,  it allows our children become happy, healthy, confident, responsible citizens who flourish in all aspects of their lives.