Cawthorne Church Of England (VC) Primary School

CAWTHORNE Curriculum Intent

Our core purpose as a Church school is to promote "life in all its fullness", enabling all children to flourish in every aspect of their lives. We recognise that each child is a unique individual, who is joined together perfectly just the way God wanted them to be. In order to build on God’s work and set each child off on the way that they should go, we provide enriched, inclusive learning experiences that allow us to:

  • nurture and encourage the essential wisdom and character development needed for each child to know their immense worth and to become responsible and active citizens in the world in which they live
  • provide each child with high quality opportunities and experiences to acquire the essential knowledge, skills and understanding in a progressive manner so that they are prepared for future success

By focusing on developing individual and academic excellence from the moment they enter the Cawthorne Community and start their learning journey, it is our aspiration that each child will leave for the next stage of their education having attained:

In order to fulfil our core purpose and develop individual and academic excellence in each child: