Cawthorne Church Of England (VC) Primary School


Through history children learn about life in the past. They find out about famous people, significant events and differentlifestyles.  They listen to stories, use sources of information (pictures, eye witness accounts, photographs, documents) and handle artefacts. We have very close links with Cannon Hall and Cawthorne Museum, who provide us with an excellent range of support materials

This is what the children will be covering in each year group :-

Foundation/ Year 1- National Changes.

              Changes in Living memory

              Significant People: Christopher Columbus/Vincent Van Gogh ( art)

              Beyond Living Memory: Neil Armstrong ( Man on The Moon )

Year 2 - Local Significant People

             Beyond Living Memory : Great Fire of London

             Significant People : Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole ,Edith Cavell

Year 3 - Changes in Britain:

              Stone Age to Iron Age

              Roman Empire and its impact on Britain

Year 4 - British Settlements:

             Anglo Saxons and Scots

             Struggle for the Kingdom of England, / Viking and Anglo Saxon

             First Civilization : Ancient Egypt

Year 5- Local area study


             Non- European : Mayan Civilization

Year 6- Local area study, WW1 impact on Cawthorne

             In depth study: Ancient Greek Life








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